Innovative Service Contracting Practices

The objective of this research project was to identify innovative practices that the electrical contracting firm can use to develop a profitable service business. Service work can provide the electrical contracting firm with a steady income stream to balance the cyclical nature of the construction industry. In addition, service work can provide the electrical contractor with an advantage over competitors when customers build new facilities or renovate existing facilities.

This report highlights 27 best practices that were identified for building a successful service operation during this research project. These best practices came not only from the electrical contracting industry but also from other trades that do a significant amount of service and from other industries. It was found that all service organizations have three elements: service strategy, infrastructure, and process. However, successful service organizations have developed these three elements and less successful service organizations have not. The best practices described in this manual have been categorized as strategy, infrastructure, or process best practices to help the electrical contracting firm understand how the best practices are related and how they can be effectively implemented.



Thomas E. Glavinich


University of Kansas

Publication Date:

February 2009

Format & Size:

PDF; viii and 78 pages

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