Electrical contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, utilities, NECA Chapters and other organizations have come together to support ELECTRI International’s work. Their generosity ranges from $1 million-plus trusts established for specific ELECTRI initiatives to the Chapter Century Circle in which each NECA Chapter member contributes $100 per year for five years.  ELECTRI International appreciates the ongoing support from the electrical industry and from other construction-related foundations that recognize the industry-wide importance and value of ELECTRI’s agenda.

[*] indicates “Founding member of ELECTRI’21 COUNCIL (1989-1990)”    [d] indicates “deceased”

  • ELECTRI Council
  • ELECTRI Associates
  • Chapter Century Circle
  • Targeted Contributions
Council members invest in ELECTRI's agenda by pledging at least $100,000 from their companies and/or personally. Their involvement and support are key to ELECTRI's ongoing success.

President’s Counsel ($1,000,000+)

  • The Hugh D. ‘Buz’ and Irene E. ‘Betty’ Allison Trust, Hugh D. ‘Buz’ Allison, d. -
  • The Richard W. and Darlene Y. McBride Trust, Richard W. McBride*
  • The Al and Margaret Wendt Trust, Albert G. Wendt*, d.
NECA Chapters and Affiliates
Manufacturers, Distributors, Utilities and Affiliates

Program Guarantor ($500,000+)

NECA Chapters and Affiliates
Manufacturers, Distributors, Utilities and Affiliates

Commissioner ($400,000+)

NECA Chapters and Affiliates

Diplomat ($350,000+)

NECA Chapters and Affiliates
Manufacturers, Distributors, Utilities and Affiliates
  • Eaton, Jeff Lewis
  • Trimble featuring Accubid Products, Ron King

Envoy ($300,000+)

NECA Chapters and Affiliates
Manufacturers, Distributors, Utilities and Affiliates
  • EMERSON RIDGID/ Greenlee, Jae Lee
  • MCA, Inc., Heather Moore ($247,500 in-kind)
  • Viewpoint Construction Software, Karl Rajotte ($200,000 in-kind)

Regent ($250,000+)

NECA Chapters and Affiliates
Manufacturers, Distributors, Utilities and Affiliates

Champion ($200,000+)

NECA Chapters and Affiliates
  • Electric Plus, Inc., Timothy Whicker
Manufacturers, Distributors, Utilities and Affiliates
  • Border States Electric, Ryan Evans

Governor ($150,000+)

Contractors (Governor)
NECA Chapters and Affiliates
Manufacturers, Distributors, Utilities and Affiliates

Founder ($100,000+)

NECA Chapters and Affiliates
Manufacturers, Distributors, Utilities and Affiliates

In-Kind Donations

ELECTRI International receives contributions at every level. These commitments are included in ELECTRI's investment portfolio and give ELECTRI the ability to initiate new programs and projects each year.

Counselors ($50,000+)

  • AMERIC Foundation (Mexico)
  • Robert Egizii, EEI Holding Corporation
  • GE Lighting
  • Thomas C. Halperin, Commercial Light Company - To honor Aaron Halperin and Robert Halperin
  • Michael Mazzeo, d., Michael Mazzeo Electric Corporation
  • Robertson Bright, Inc.
  • Sprig Electric Company, Inc.
  • Werner Company

Patrons ($25,000+)

  • Association of Electrical Contractors - In memory of A. David Yadlovker
  • Noel Bailey, N. G. Bailey Company
  • Marco de la Barrera Garcia, Bufete de Ingenierias Especializadas
  • D. N. Gardner, Hooper Corporation
  • General Cable
  • John M. Grau, NECA
  • Richard Jardeen, Totem Electric of Tacoma, Inc.
  • Harold Leviton, Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc.
  • Edward C. Mattox, Inland Electric Corporation
  • Metropolitan Electrical Construction
  • New Mexico Chapter NECA
  • Kenneth and Doris Peltz, Pel-Bern Electric
  • REX Electric & Technologies, LLC
  • St. Francis Electric
  • Arthur M. Tieso, MN
  • UNCE – Union Nacional de Contructores Electromecanicos, A. C. (Mexico)

Sponsors ($10,000+)

  • Russell J. Alessi, ELECTRI International
  • James K. Baker, The Shade Tree Service Company
  • Timothy C. Black, Vista, CA
  • William G. Dale, Jr. Honorary Fund
  • Florida Gold Coast Electrical Contractors, Inc.
  • Forest Lighting
  • F. Dennis Fuessel, Davenport Electric Contract Co.
  • Mel Kallenbach, Mel-Kay Electric Company
  • R. F. Kinney, All-Phase Electric Supply Company
  • Leviton Manufacturing
  • Lighthouse Electric Group
  • Kevin McKosky, Coastal Electric Construction Company
  • Robert J. Menicucci, ARC Management Company
  • Douglas H. Mills, Mills Electric Service, Inc.
  • MRM Electrical Communications, Inc.
  • Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP
  • Olson Electrical Group
  • Patraba Electrical Systems
  • Keneath F. Robinson, Ken Robinson of Florida, Inc.
  • Saint Paul Foundation, on behalf of William A. Muska
  • D. L. Smith, D. L. Smith Electrical Construction

Benefactors ($5000+)

  • Michael Barth, Jr, Barth Foundation Fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation
  • BuildOps
  • Stephen E. Chilton, Cache Valley Electric Company
  • Peter W. Doe, Doe & Associates, Inc.
  • Gulf Electric Company, Inc. of Mobile - In Tribute to Bernard Brooks, Jr.
  • Howard D. Hughes, Hughes Electric Company, Inc.
  • IB Abel
  • Diane R. Keltner, Synergy Electric Company
  • Allen A. Lindberg, The Lindberg Family Trust
  • J. Robert Mann, Jr., E-J Electric Installation Co.
  • William R. Miller, Miller Electrical Construction, Inc.
  • Oklahoma Electrical Supply Company
  • Peer Group 3 - In Honor of W. Terry Lindsay & Robert J. (Bob) Kaemmerlen
  • Sidney Electric Company - In memory of Herbert Schlater
  • Flora and Herbert Spiegel - In memory of Alexander Berg
  • Trade Service Corporation
  • Vern H. Penning Memorial Fund

Donors (Up to $5,000)

  • Patrick A. Campbell, Commonwealth Electric Company
  • Richard E. Collier, Collier Electric - In memory of J. Everett Collier
  • Bill Collins, Collins Electric - In memory of Harold A. Webster and Paul M. Geary; In memory of Charles R. Fazio; In memory of George Hurwitz
  • Donald F. Collins, Collins Electric
  • Victor Douglass, Douglass Family Trust
  • J. W. Dunn, Jr., Dunn Electric Co.
  • A. S. Ferrari, A. S. Ferrari & Son, Inc.
  • Charles J. Hart, MD
  • F. J. Hoch, Industrial Electric - In memory of W. H. Hoch and H. J. Reeves
  • Idaho Electric League
  • Don W. Jhonson, Interior Electric, Inc.
  • Robert and Frieda Kaemmerlen - In memory of Charles J. Hart
  • Joseph B. Lachle, Sr, Lachle Electric Company
  • Hermon L. Milton, Buffalo Electric, Inc.
  • Leonard A. Nucero, Nucero Electrical Construction Co.
  • Robert L. Pfeil, d., - In memory of George E. Richardson, Jr.
  • George E. Richardson, Jr., IN
  • Geoffrey W. Robertson, American Travel Association, Inc.
  • Southern Region Managers Conference Districts III and V NECA
  • Mike Tunge, Tunge Electric, Inc.
ELECTRI International appreciates the multi-year financial commitments received from NECA Chapters and their members throughout North America.

Platinum Chapter Century Circle

Chapter member fulfilling 15 years of commitments and making additional contributions
  • Oklahoma Chapter NECA

Diamond Chapter Century Circle

$100 per chapter member for each of five years after fulfilling the Keynote and Chapter Century Circle commitments.
  • Western New York State Chapter NECA

Keynote Chapter Century Circle

$100 per chapter member for each of five years after fulfilling an initial Chapter Century Circle commitment
  • Eastern Oklahoma Chapter NECA
  • Mahoning Valley Chapter NECA
  • North Louisiana Chapter NECA
  • Northern Illinois Chapter NECA

Chapter Century Circle

$100 per chapter member for each of five years
  • Albany Chapter NECA
  • Electrical Contractor’s Association of Hawaii NECA
  • Intermountain Chapter NECA
  • Louisville Chapter NECA
  • Ohio/Michigan Chapter NECA
  • Quad-Cities Chapter NECA
  • Rochester Chapter NECA
  • Twin Ports-Arrowhead Chapter NECA
  • West Texas Chapter NECA

Chapter Investors

One-time contributions of up to $5000
  • Baton Rouge Chapter NECA
  • Central Massachusetts Chapter NECA
  • Cincinnati Chapter NECA
  • El Paso Chapter NECA
  • Florida Gold Coast Chapter NECA
  • Georgia Chapter NECA
  • Hudson Valley Chapter NECA
  • Idaho Chapter NECA
  • Middle Tennessee Chapter NECA
  • Nebraska Chapter NECA
  • Northeast Louisiana Chapter NECA
  • Panhandle Chapter NACA
  • Saguaro Chapter NECA
  • South Louisiana Chapter NECA
  • Southeast Texas Chapter NECA
  • Southwest Louisiana Chapter NECA
  • Steubenville Div., North Central Ohio Chapter NECA
Some companies and organizations prefer to target their financial commitment by giving to a particular ELECTRI program or project.

Direct Grants

  • Air Conditioning Contractors of America
  • Akron Area Electrical JATC
  • American Line Builders Chapter NECA
  • Associated General Contractors of America
  • Atlanta Chapter NECA
  • Chapel Electric Co., LLC
  • Cleveland Electrical JATC
  • Cleveland Electric Company
  • Collins Electric
  • Connecticut Chapter NECA
  • Contra Costa Electrical Industry Trust
  • Dakotas Chapter NECA
  • Des Moines Electrical JATC
  • Detroit Electrical JATC
  • Dillard Smith Construction Company
  • Edison Electric Institute
  • Edward G. Sawyer Co., Inc.
  • Electrical Contractors Trust of Alameda County
  • ERMCO Electrical & Communications Contractors
  • Finger Lakes New York Chapter NECA
  • Finishing Contractors Association
  • Foundation of the American Subcontractors Association
  • Graybar
  • Hartford Electricians JATC
  • Hudson Valley Chapter NECA
  • J. M. Electrical Company, Inc.
  • Kansas City Chapter NECA
  • Long Island Chapter NECA
  • Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
  • Mechanical Contracting Education and Research Foundation, MCAA
  • Metro Electrical JATC, Portland, OR
  • Miller Electric Company
  • Milwaukee Chapter NECA
  • Missouri Valley Line Constructors Chapter NECA
  • MYR Group, Inc.
  • National Association of Electrical Distributors Education and Research Foundation
  • National Utility Contractors Association
  • National Subcontractors Alliance
  • National Roofing Foundation, NRCA
  • National Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee, Upper Marlboro, MD
  • National Insulation Association
  • New Horizons Foundation, SMACNA
  • Northern California Chapter NECA
  • Northern New Jersey Chapter NECA
  • Northwest Line Constructors Chapter NECA
  • O’Connell Electric Company, Inc.
  • Ohio/Michigan Chapter NECA
  • Oregon-Columbia Chapter NECA
  • Phalcon
  • Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors National Association
  • Red Top Electric Company
  • Rhode Island and SE Massachusetts Chapter NECA
  • Sacramento Area Electrical JATC
  • San Diego County Chapter NECA
  • San Joaquin Valley Chapter NECA
  • Santa Clara County Electrical JATC
  • Santa Clara Valley Chapter NECA
  • South Central Minnesota Electrical JATC
  • South Florida Chapter NECA
  • Southeastern Line Constructors Chapter NECA
  • Southwestern Line Constructors Chapter NECA
  • Southwire Company LLC
  • St. Louis Chapter NECA
  • Topeka Electrical JATC
  • Washington, D.C. Electrical JATC
  • Western Line Constructors Chapter NECA
  • Western Pennsylvania Chapter NECA

Emerson Hamilton Scholarship Fund

  • Alaska Chapter NECA
  • Cascade Chapter NECA
  • Edward G. Sawyer Company, Inc.
  • Holmes Electric Company
  • Max N. Landon, McCoy Electric
  • Long Island Chapter NECA
  • Miller Electric Construction, Inc.
  • Oregon Pacific-Cascade Chapter NECA
  • Oregon-Columbia Chapter NECA
  • Patraba Electrical Systems
  • Puget Sound Chapter NECA
  • Schultheis/TSB, Inc.
  • Sidney Electric Company
  • Southern Contracting Company
  • Southwest Washington Chapter NECA
  • VEC, Inc.
  • Wisconsin Chapter NECA

Transmission & Distribution Enterprise

  • Alterman, Inc.
  • American Line Builders Chapter NECA
  • Cooper Crouse-Hinds
  • Cooper Lighting
  • E2E Summit
  • Eaton
  • Lighthouse Electrical Group
  • M. J. Electric, LLC
  • MCA, Inc.
  • McCormick Systems, Inc.
  • Michels Corporation
  • Miller Electric Construction, Inc.
  • Milwaukee Tool Corporation
  • Missouri Valley Line Constructors Chapter NECA
  • Mona Electric Group, Inc.
  • Northeastern Line Constructors NECA
  • Walter T. Parkes, O’Connell Electric
  • Patraba Electrical Systems
  • Potelco, Inc.
  • Schultheis Electric/TSB Inc.
  • Southeastern Line Constructors Chapter NECA
  • Sprig Electric Company, Inc.
  • Thomas & Betts Corporation
  • Werner Company
  • Western Line Constructors Chapter NECA

Chris Schoolcraft Memorial Education Fund

  • Boggs Electric Company
  • Wayne Brinkmeyer, Britain Electric Company
  • Robert Corbo, Corbo Electric Company
  • Francis J. “Bud” Hoch, Industrial Electric Company
  • Kansas Chapter NECA
  • L & O Electric
  • North Texas Chapter NECA
  • Northeastern Line Constructors Chapter NECA
  • Oklahoma Chapter NECA
  • J. T. Osborn, NECA
  • Shawver and Son, Inc.
  • The Superior Group

Thomas E. Glavinich Memorial Fund

  • Canadian Electrical Contractors Association

Russell J Alessi Early Career Scholar Award

  • Allison Smith Company
  • Alterman, Inc.
  • Arizona Chapter NECA
  • Atlanta Chapter NECA
  • Atlantic Coast Chapter NECA
  • Bana Electric Corp
  • Bruce & Merrilees Electric Company
  • Central Indiana Chapter NECA
  • Central Ohio Chapter NECA
  • Chapel Electric
  • Chewning and Wilmer
  • Christenson Electric
  • Thomas and Alana Curran
  • EC Trust of Alameda County
  • Egan Company
  • Ferguson Electric Construction Co.
  • Darrell Gossett
  • Graybar
  • Hardt Electric
  • Holmes Electric
  • L. L. D. Electric Co. (Hyslop Shannon Foundation)
  • Lone Star Electric
  • Los Angeles County Chapter NECA
  • MCA, Inc.
  • Miller Electric Company
  • Minneapolis Chapter NECA
  • Northeastern Illinois Chapter NECA
  • Northern California Chapter NECA
  • Northern Indiana Chapter NECA
  • Northern New Jersey Chapter NECA
  • O’Connell Electric Co.
  • Oneida Electrical Contractors, Inc.
  • Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter NECA
  • Red Top Electric
  • Rocky Mountain Chapter NECA
  • San Diego County Chapter NECA
  • Sidney Electric
  • South Texas Chapter NECA
  • Southern Colorado Chapter NECA
  • United Electric
  • United Electric Co.
  • VEC, Inc.