The Wendt Award, established in 1998, is the highest honor bestowed annually by ELECTRI International. This award is named after Albert G. Wendt, President of Cannon & Wendt Electric Company, Inc., in honor of his outstanding philosophical and financial commitments to the electrical industry.

  NECA CEO David Long and Greg Gossett, ERMCO
NECA Convention 2023 – Philadelphia, PA

The Wendt Award honors individuals for their exemplary leadership and service to the electrical industry.

The Wendt Award Recipients

2023    Greg Gossett, Indianapolis, IN

2022    Michael Parkes, Victor, NY

2021    Donald Campbell, Las Vegas, NV

2020    Sonja Rheaume, Portland, OR

2019     John Wright, San Antonio, TX

2018    Jerry Hayes, Marietta, GA

2017     Russell J. Alessi, Gaithersburg, MD

2016     Gregory Long, Napa, CA

2015     David MacKay, Weymouth, MA

2014     Daniel J. Divane IV, Divane, Chicago, IL

2013     Northeastern Line Constructors Chapter NECA

2012      Darrell Gossett, Indianapolis, IN

2011      Thomas F. Curran, Livermore, CA

2010      Michael Mazzeo, New Yok, NY

2009      Giovanni Marcelli, Concord, Ontario, CAN

2009      Jack McCormick, Chandler, AZ

2008      Robert J. Bruce, New Castle, PA

2007     San Diego County Chapter NECA, San Diego, CA

2006      Jerrold H. Nixon, Skokie, IL

2005      Brian Christopher, Oregon City, OR

2004      Gene W. Dennis, Flint, MI

2003      Southeastern Michigan Chapter NECA, Southfield, MI

2002      Michael S. Lindheim, Oakland, CA

2001      Robert L. Pfeil, South Bend, IN

2000      Robert E. Doran, III, Kansas City, MO

1999      Richard W. McBride, San Marcos, CA

1999      H.E. “Buck” Autrey, Jacksonville, FL

1998      Walter T. Parkes, Victor, NY