ELECTRI International’s Research Center investigates trends that affect the industry. ELECTRI commissions accurate, reliable, top quality research to support electrical contractors in their business efforts and helps prepare the industry for new business and technology realities of the 21st century.

With advice and recommendations from the ELECTRI Council, the Foundation dedicates a portion of its annual investment income to commission studies in electrical construction and management at the finest universities and research institutes throughout the country.

Each autumn, university-level investigators and private sector researchers are contacted to determine which approach and which research teams would best meet ELECTRI’s needs. In addition, the Foundation issues a Request for Proposal to selected individuals to encourage even more ideas for research initiatives from the industry and academic community.

Potential projects are presented to the ELECTRI Council each January. Based upon each researcher’s oral presentation and comprehensive written proposal, the Council makes its recommendations for funding, taking into consideration both the project worthiness and the amount of funding available from ELECTRI to support the research agenda for the coming year.

A unique feature of ELECTRI’s approach to its research is the assignment of a voluntary industry-based Task Force to monitor and mentor each project. Task Force members work closely with the researchers and provide valuable advice and experience. Each research team provides regular written progress reports to its Task Force and to ELECTRI International. ELECTRI often invites its researchers to attend the July ELECTRI Council Meeting to provide a progress report on their work. Doing so also allows contractors to suggest any necessary modifications or recommended changes to the project scope.

At the completion of each research project, ELECTRI publishes and disseminates the findings and recommendations to the entire electrical contracting industry and our allied partners.

July 2024 Request for Proposal

ELECTRI International  is pleased to announce the Request for Proposal for the July 2024 cycle. The deadline for a summary proposal is April 24th, 2024.  Please contact Amanda Harbison at Amanda@electri.org with any questions.




Selection Result for January 2024

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Electrical Construction Industry – Steven Ayer, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Implementation Roadmap for Electrical ContractorsBing Han, University of Colorado Denver
  • CMMC 2.0 and Cybersecurity EducationNick Espinoza, Security Fanatics
  • Exploring the Value of Early Electrical Contractor Involvement – Hyun Jeong Koo,, Wayne State University
  • Impact of Incentive Pay for Electrical Contractors – Brendan Coakley, California State University, Chico
  • The Impact Megaprojects Have on Labor Markets: Assessment and Case Study – Anthony Perrenoud, Boise State University

Selection Result for July 2023

In July 2023, the ELECTRI Council approved the following research projects for funding:

  • Fair Outcomes for Electrical Contractors for Schedule Compression and Out of Sequence Work, Timothy Becker, Arizona State University
  • Managing Rework with an Early Warning System, Proactive Remedies, and Proper Documentation,  Hala Nassereddine, NCM Consulting

Selection Result for January 2023

In January 2023, the ELECTRI Council approved the following research projects for funding:

  • CMMC 2.0 Assessors Guide – Nick Espinoza, Security Fanatics
  • Early Electrical Contractors Involvement: Benefits, Barriers, and Selection Criteria – Hyun Jeong Koo, Wayne State University
  • Electrical Contractors KPIs 2.0 Education & Templates – Ashley Fuller, UXAF
  • Growing Your Service Business with the Electrification of Everything – Frederic Sargent, Great Service Forums
  • How can Digital Twins Become a Fundamental Tool for the Electrical Contractor? – Walid Thabet, Virtual Facilities Consulting
  • The Impact of our Future Infrastructure Growth—Opportunities for Electrical Contractors – Anthony Sparkling, Purdue University
  • Setting up the Project for Success with Standard Operating Procedures – Hala Nassereddine, NCM Consulting

Selection Result for July 2022

In July 2022, the ELECTRI Council approved the following research projects for funding:

  • Tracking Progress of Electrical Construction with Reality Capture, Thomas Czerniawski, Arizona State University
  • The Decline of Occupational Attendance – Changes Electrical Contractors Need to Make to Address Trade Worker Work-Life Balance (WLB) Concerns, Lonny Simonian, California Polytechnic State University

Selection Result for January 2022

In January 2022, the ELECTRI Council approved the following research projects for funding:

  • CMMC and Cybersecurity Education, Nick Espinosa, Security Fanatics
  • Determine the Impact of Support and Culture on a Contractor’s Bottom Line, Chris Jaskiewicz, HopeStar
  • Growing Trade Partner Use of Lean Construction Methods, Robert Leicht, Pennsylvania State University
  • Pre-Development of an Electrical Contracting Industry Career-Mapping Tool, Andy Mackey, Lou Tenney and Kevin Wright, ProtoGen, Inc.

Selection Results for 2021

In January 2021, the ELECTRI Council approved the following research projects for funding:

  • CMMC Training and Education, Nick Espinosa, Security Fanatics
  • The Electrical Contractor’s Practical Guide to Microgrid Development, Andy Mackey, Protogen, Inc.
  • Key Performance Indicators: Increasing Margin and Reducing Risk, Michael McLin, Maxim Consulting
  • Retooling ELECTRI’s Value Proposition for a Changing World, Andy Mackey, Protogen, Inc.
  • What’s Next After Prefab? Establishing and Standardizing Quality Control for Prefabrication, Philip Nimmo, MCA, Inc.

Selection Results for 2020

In January 2020, the ELECTRI Council approved the following research projects for funding:

  • Electrical Construction Management Training, Ben Bigelow, Anthony Perrenoud and Matthew Reyes, University of Oklahoma
  • Estimating with and Pricing of Prefabrication for Electrical Contractors, Meik Daneshgari, MCA, Inc.
  • The Future of Line ContractingMichael McLin, Maxim Consulting Group
  • Industrialization of Construction: Signal or Noise? Threat or Promise?Heather Moore, MCA, Inc.
  • Issues Preventing Small Business Growth, Michael McLin, Maxim Consulting Group
  • Robots in Construction – Current Use in Electrical Line Work and Inside Construction, and Outlook for the Future, Lonny Simonian, California Polytechnic State University
  • VR Electricians: Using Immersive Storytelling for Attracting Students to the Electrical Trades, Masoud Gheisari, University of Florida

Selection Results for 2019

In January 2019, the ELECTRI Council approved the following research projects for funding:

  • The Electrical Contractor as the Integrator, Part II
    Michael McLin, Maxim Consulting Group
  • Tools for Hiring, Promotion and Talent Development of EC Personnel
    Brian Lines, University of Kansas and Jake Smithwick, University of North Carolina
  • Data-driven Strategies to Increase Market Share 
    Hisham Said, Santa Clara University
  • Electrical Construction Management Training
    Ben Bigelow, University of Oklahoma
  • Improving Collaboration Efficiency between Trade and General Contractor Through a Common Data Exchange (CDX)
    Nathan Wood, CP Coalition

Selection Results for 2018

In January 2018, the ELECTRI Council approved the following research projects for funding:

  • The Evolution of the Electrical Contractor as an Integrator
    Michael McLin, Maxim Consulting Group
  • Digital Transformation at the Frontline Supervision Level for Electrical Contractors
    Michael Myers, Rhumbix, Inc.
  • Smart Buildings and the Internet of Things (IOT) Impact on Electrical Contracting 
    Hisham Said, Santa Clara University