NECA Student Chapters help foster involvement with local school boards, colleges, and universities.


ELECTRI provides grants for NECA Student Chapters which are matched by the sponsoring NECA Chapter.  Awards may be used primarily to offer a scholarship for individual students or to support the NECA Student Chapter as a whole (exceptions apply). In 2023, the maximum funds available for each NECA Student Chapter is $1,000. The amount needs to be matched by the sponsoring NECA Chapter.

Eligibility Criteria

NECA Chapters can apply for ELECTRI International’s matching support by completing the Talent Initiative Student Support Application Form.

Awards are granted once per year. Applications must be submitted during the academic year (January-May or August-December semester).

Each award may only be used to support students in Construction Management or related programs. Each recipient must be actively involved in a NECA Student Chapter.

Steps in the Award Process

Each year, ELECTRI International announces the amount available for NECA Student Chapter support. Each award must be matched or exceeded by the sponsoring NECA Chapter. The sponsoring NECA Chapter will need to request ELECTRI’s portion of the funds once you are ready to issue the Student Chapter scholarship or individual scholarship checks. Your Chapter will make its own decision on how best to divide the funds provided by ELECTRI International. For example, if ELECTRI provides $1,000, your Chapter’s scholarship review team may elect to give one student an award of $2,000 or three students an award of $1,000 each. Your Chapter may elect to send a group of students to the annual NECA Convention and use the funds to help cover the students’ expenses and travel costs.

If your Chapter elects to use the award to provide a scholarship, we recommend the following:

  • Set up a scholarship review team to evaluate applications and recommend annual scholarship winners.
  • Establish additional criteria that your review team may want to evaluate regarding each nominated student.
  • Encourage the Student Chapter faculty advisor and NECA contractors to nominate Student Chapter Candidates who meet the following criteria:
    • Studying Construction Management or related programs
    • Completing sophomore or junior year
    • Good academic standing (GPA 3.0+)
  • Create a press release announcing the winners and place it in local and school media, give each winner a copy of the release, and encourage them to send it to their hometown newspapers (if the winners are not local to your area).

If the affiliated Chapter is using the award as a scholarship, each scholarship recipient is individually and personally responsible for any federal or state taxes incurred as a result of the scholarship award.

Each award check requires that a 1099 form to be issued to the student to report the award to the IRS as miscellaneous income on the student’s own tax filing. ELECTRI International, NECA and the sponsoring NECA Chapter are not responsible for any tax consequence derived from any scholarship award(s).

How to Apply for the Student Chapter Support

If your NECA Chapter meets the above eligibility criteria, please download and complete the application form below, and return it to

Talent Initiative Student Support Application

Download Information

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