Electrical contractors need access to a college talent pipeline in order to sustain and grow their businesses. Contractors want to hire and retain well-educated, highly-qualified construction management and engineering graduates prepared to deliver electrical construction projects effectively and profitably in today’s competitive market.

To foster student interest in the EC industry, ELECTRI has enlisted a Talent Initiative Committee to develop a series of annual competitions and interactive projects that involve students and faculty from academic institutions working with NECA Chapters across the country.

The 2021 Talent Initiative Committee

Adam Rude, Chair

Tricia Ferry
VEC, Inc.

Angela Hart
Rosendin Electric

Paul Hollenbacher

Michael Meyer
Continental Electrical Construction

Les Moynahan
South Texas Chapter NECA

Chris Reichart
Allison-Smith Company

Joelle Salerno
Western Pennsylvania Chapter NECA

Wanessa Alves
NECA Representative

Julia Scarpello
NECA Student Chapter Liaison