The Board of Trustees establishes the policies of the Foundation and promotes its objectives and programs.

The 2021 ELECTRI Board of Trustees

Trustees are selected from members of the ELECTRI Council (the Foundation’s premier group of contributors) and from NECA’s Executive Committee. The Board currently has one Member Emeritus who is also a voting Trustee. ELECTRI International’s Executive Director and NECA’s Chief Executive Officer both serve as non-voting, ex officio Trustees.

Larry Beltramo, President
Rosendin Electric Inc.

Michael Parkes, Vice President
O’Connell Electric Company, Inc.

David A. Hardt
Hardt Electric, Inc.

Kellie Holland
Empire Electric, Inc.

James MacDonald
Miller Electric Company

Richard W. McBride, Member Emeritus
The Richard W. and Darlene Y. McBride Trust

Michael McPhee
McPhee Electric/Phalcon

Todd Mikec
Lighthouse Electric Company, Inc.

Greg Rick
Rick Electric, Inc.

David Long, Treasurer
Non-voting member, NECA

Josh Bone, Secretary
Non-voting member, ELECTRI International