Policy on Authority to Speak for ELECTRI International

This policy statement provides guidance concerning who is authorized to make public statements on behalf of or as a representative of ELECTRI International – The Foundation for Electrical Construction Inc., and the manner in which such public statements should be handled.

It shall be the policy of ELECTRI International that any communications on behalf of the Foundation may only be made at the direction of the Executive Director of the Foundation, the President of the Board of Trustees or the Chair of the ELECTRI Council. No public statements may be made, either verbal or written, that conflict with the official position or policy of the Foundation. Leadership should understand that by virtue of their position, any statements may be misperceived by the public as official and made on behalf of the Foundation.

To control official communications, stationary and business cards shall be for the use of the Executive Director, the President of the Board of Trustees, the appointed Chair of the ELECTRI Council and staff only. Other officers or members of the Board of Trustees or committees may not use ELECTRI International stationary. Staff will prepare letters sent on behalf of the Foundation while retaining a copy in official Foundation files. Exceptions may be made to the policy so long as the purpose of the letter is made known and approved by the Executive Director in advance; if the exception is approved, a copy of the outgoing letter shall be provided to staff within 24 hours of dissemination, for permanent file retention.


As of January 17, 2018