ELECTRI offers annual support stipends to the advisors who are mentoring NECA Student Chapters at their institutions. These stipends encourage faculty members to take the time and effort to give their students the best possible chapter experience. In 2023, the maximum amount available for each NECA Student Chapter Faculty Advisor is $1,000.


Dr. Daniel Tomal, Illinois Institute of Technology, and ELECTRI Representative Kenneth Bauwens

Eligibility and Criteria

  • Stipend may be requested by Faculty Advisor or by sponsoring NECA Chapter by completing the Talent Initiative Faculty Stipend Application Form.
  • Stipends are awarded once per year. Applications must be submitted during the academic year (January-May or August-December semester).
  • Stipend shall only be awarded to Faculty Advisors who are actively and directly involved with a NECA Student Chapter.

Steps in the Award Process

  • Each year, ELECTRI International announces the amount available for Faculty Stipends.
  • Each stipend check  requires that a 1099 form to be issued to the Faculty Advisor to report the award to the IRS as miscellaneous income on the faculty’s own tax filing. Faculty Advisor must submit a W-9 form with Talent Initiative Faculty Stipend Form.

ELECTRI International, NECA and the sponsoring NECA Chapter are not responsible for any tax consequence derived from any stipend award. The stipend will be made payable to the Faculty Advisor and mailed directly to the address on the application unless stated otherwise.

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