ELECTRI International recognizes its responsibility to ensure the research it commissions and funds is relevant and current to the needs of the electrical construction industry. ELECTRI’s all-volunteer Program Review Committee (PRC) includes electrical contractors, industry partners and NECA chapter leaders.

The PRC does a tremendous deep dive into each proposed project to make sure the completed research report will be appropriate to industry members’ needs. The PRC reviews and evaluates the timeline proposed for the work, the proposed deliverables, and the project budget.

Under the leadership of the Committee Chair, the PRC ensures that every aspect of research commissioned by ELECTRI is on target.

The 2023 Program Review Committee

James MacDonald, Chair
Miller Electric Company

Stephen Bender
Bana Electric

K.C. Borden
Kansas City Chapter NECA

Kevin Gini
Collins Electric

Kellie Holland
Empire Electric, Inc.

Steve Killius

Mike Leone
Procon Constructors Inc./ECAO

Greg Padalecki
Alterman, Inc.

Michael Parkes
O’Connell Electric

Skip Perley
TEC-Corp/Thompson Electric Company

David Peterson
ERMCO Electrical and Systems Contractor

Sasha Reed
Procore Technologies

Joey Shorter
Atlanta Chapter, NECA

Rob Smith
Sargent Electric

Tim Speno
E2E Summit

Scott Teson
Milwaukee Tool

Tony Waters
Parsons Electric