Looking for your next career opportunity in the electrical construction industry? Learn more about the Project Management Apprenticeship.

On-the-Job Training

Apprenticeship opportunities provide challenging, real-world projects specific to each apprentice’s career path.  The apprentice will develop a solid understanding of the overall business and gain specific insight into Project Management. Working within the various departments on day-to-day and long-term projects, the apprentice will be involved in activities related to process improvement, project management, data support, reporting, documentation, and other assigned responsibilities.



  1. General, introduction to company, projects, and facilities
  2. Employee Handbook
  3. Company policies
  4. Company operations
  5. Roles and responsibilities of team members


  1. Worker rights
  2. Legal responsibilities of employers, employees
  3. OSHA requirements
  4. Jobsite safety plan
  5. Emergency response procedures
  6. Hazard identification and protection
  7. Home office and project office protocol


  1. Sources, properties, and applications of building materials
  2. Materials testing, ASTM, and AASHTO standards
  3. Structural components
  4. Structural theory and building enclosure design
  5. Structural systems
  6. Building codes and design standards
  7. Delivery methods
  8. CAD systems and building information modeling
  9. Sustainability

SURVEYING – 65 Hours

  1. General site and building layout
  2. Instrument calibration and use
  3. Horizontal and vertical controls (elevation)
  4. Horizontal and vertical curves

MANAGEMENT – 1,500 Hours

Project Management

  1. Planning, scheduling, and goal setting
  2. Communication with staff, owners, developers
  3. Determining labor requirements
  4. Determining appropriate construction methods
  5. Supply selection, inventory tracking
  6. Determining and obtaining appropriate permits and licenses
  7. Directing and supervising workers
  8. Developing and implementing quality control systems
  9. Reviewing and reporting progress
  10. Coordinating subcontractors
  11. Investigating and adapting to delays, accidents, emergencies, etc.
  12. Resolving employee disputes, complaints, construction problems

Cost Management

  1. Evaluating cost effectiveness of plans and construction methods
  2. Preparing and submitting budget estimates
  3. Preparing and submitting progress and cost tracking reports
  4. Creating and sending purchase orders/contracts to subcontractors
  5. Payroll

Contract Administration

  1. Preparing contracts with various audiences( e.g., architects, consultants, clients, subcontractors)
  2. Negotiating revisions, changes, and additions to contractual agreements

Safety Management

  1. Ensuring compliance with building and safety codes and regulations
  2. Analyzing, managing, and mitigating risks

Equipment Management

  1. Earthmoving equipment
  2. Heavy transportation equipment
  3. Crane selection, setup and safety regulations
  4. Analysis and selection of equipment fleet

Sustainability & Green Construction

  1. LEED certification compliance
  2. Environment friendly & recycled materials

TOTAL – 2,000 Hours



Related Instruction

In Partnership with Construction Experts, Inc.
Online Professional Certificate in Construction Project Management


In order to earn the Professional Certificate in Construction Project Management, students need to complete five (5) core courses and one (1) elective course. Each course costs $690 to register.


Course assignments are self-paced; students generally complete course objectives and assignments within 30-50 hours. Each course is hosted online and includes 10 weeks of instruction. Students can complete the program in a minimum of five months and a maximum of two years.


  • ENGR 0032 – Planning and Scheduling (Required): 30-50 hours
    Students will learn how to plan, prepare, and update construction project schedules in this online course. Through the use of case studies, learn how to define construction activities, determine activity duration, and assemble the activities into a logical construction schedule. Learn to create and use bar charts and critical path schedules.
  • ENGR 0038 – Building Green Buildings – The Contractor’s Perspective (Required): 30-50 hours
    The purpose of this course is to provide construction professionals with information that will help them to effectively bid, contract, build, and close out green building projects. We will explore the green building process from the contractor’s and subcontractor’s point of view. You will learn how to work with an outside commissioning authority to complete the job.
  • ENGR 0043 – Construction Equipment and Methods (Required): 30-50 hours
    Students will learn skills and methods to help advance their career in civil construction, advance your understanding in how to utilize equipment, identify and understand construction methods used to increase productivity on the job site, increase awareness in how to budget for and utilize equipment efficiently. Students will better understand safety procedures associated with different equipment, learn how to select and budget for the best equipment needed for the job and understand and apply methods used in utilizing construction equipment.
  • ENGR 0047 – Construction Project Management (Required): 30-50 hours
    This course provides a framework for understanding the project manager’s role, responsibilities, processes, and procedures. Students will learn the stages of the project, scheduling, feasibility, bidding and contracting, contracts, risk, claims, maintenance, warranties, and more. This is a paced, asynchronous online course. The course features a high level of student to student and student to instructor interaction.
  • ENGR 0050 – Practical Applications of Construction Law (Required): 30-50 hours
    Applications of Construction Law online course provides a framework for understanding the legal environment in which construction takes place. Students will learn the stages of contracts, how to avoid litigation, protective methods for the employee/employer in a litigious society, understand the legal liability of construction professionals, avoid disputes using clauses, and be more informed when navigating the legality of the jobsite. Students will learn about the different models of contracts, contract principles, offers, and defenses to the formation of contracts. We will review the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and how it is used in sales contracts. Topics also include the roles and responsibilities of the contractor, architect, and the documents that bind them. Bonds, liens, and waivers, the legal liability of construction professionals, avoiding disputes through use of clauses, and how to avoid defects are included in this course.


SELECT 1 OF THE FOLLOWING (Required): 30-50 hours

  • ENGR 0031 – Contract Documents and Construction Law
    This online course focuses on understanding the relationship between contract documents and the construction process.
  • ENGR 0048 – Problem Solving and Risk Management
    This course will focus on risk identification and assessment. Through practice with skillful problem-solving techniques, students will learn to manage, diminish, or eliminate risks. This is a paced, asynchronous online course. The course features a high level of student-to-student and student-to-teacher interaction.
  • ENGR 0049 – Construction Productivity and Cost Management
    This course will focus on construction cost management and improving productivity with cost management strategies. Through practice with skillful problem-solving techniques, student will learn to manage costs and take proactive measures to increase productivity on their job sites. This is a paced, asynchronous online course. The course features a high level of student-to-student and student-to-teacher interaction.

TOTAL – 180-300 Hours



Additional Information

For additional information about this program, contact Josh Bone, Executive Director at Josh.Bone@electri.org.