Josh Bone

Executive Director of ELECTRI International

As the Foundation’s chief staff officer, Josh is responsible for the working relationships with the Board of Trustees and the ELECTRI Council. Josh is actively involved in enlisting financial support for ELECTRI and overseeing all of the Foundation’s commissioned projects and education initiatives.

Josh can be reached at or at 240-800-5008



Jessica Cardenas

Executive Director, Development and Engagement

Jessica works with the ELECTRI team to bring new members into the Council while encouraging Council members to participate in ELECTRI programs and get involved. She helps create initiatives to provide value and drive engagement and aims to be a resource for ELECTRI Council members.

Jessica can be reached at or at 570-709-7129



Jared Christman

Director of Construction Technology

Jared is responsible for researching, identifying, and communicating best practices, technological advancements and educational opportunities for contractors looking to advance their technical capabilities.  He will also be evaluating technology, and how it can improve the workflow of electrical contractors, then training on the usage of that technology.

Jared can be reached at or at 210-639-9356


Amanda Harbison

Director of Analytics

Amanda helps with the research and development of ELECTRI’s initiatives. She is responsible for curating and executing data driven projects for the Foundation.

Amanda can be reached at or at 202-991-6255


Laura Holmes

Director of Operations for ELECTRI International

Laura is responsible for all administrative tasks within the ELECTRI office.

Laura can be reached at or at 202-991-6257