Joey Shorter

Executive Director of ELECTRI International

As the Foundation’s chief staff officer, Joey is responsible for the working relationships with the Board of Trustees and the ELECTRI Council. Joey is actively involved in enlisting financial support for ELECTRI and overseeing all of the Foundation’s commissioned projects and education initiatives.

Joey can be reached at or at

Deborah L. Halpern

Director of Operations for ELECTRI International

Deborah manages all of ELECTRI’s internal day-to-day activities, national and international meetings, and all annual student competitions. Deborah’s work also includes close liaison with all ELECTRI researchers, NECA Student Chapters, ELECTRI Council members and ELECTRI’s leadership.

Deborah can be reached at or at

Laura C. Holmes

Administrative Assistant for ELECTRI International

Laura is responsible for all administrative tasks within the ELECTRI office.

Laura can be reached at or at