Electrical Pre-Construction Planning Process Implementation Manual

In 2003, ELECTRI International—The Foundation for Electrical Construction, the research arm of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), funded a research project to develop a model pre-construction planning process that NECA members could use to improve their planning practices. The study critically evaluated the relationship between pre-construction planning and project performance. As part of the research process, in-depth project-specific information was collected on the planning effort and project outcome for several “successful” and “less-than-successful” projects. This data collection effort culminated in a detailed analysis of the planning practices of these two groups to identify clear differences between successful and less-than-successful projects. Ultimately, 27 randomly-selected companies from 11 states agreed to participate in an interview for the research project. Data was collected on 29 “successful” and 27 “less-than-successful” projects.

The planning activities that were performed on the successful projects were used to develop the model Electrical Pre-Construction Planning Process. The model process was fashioned after those projects that performed good planning and achieved a successful outcome. As such, the model planning process incorporated the best planning practices in the electrical construction industry.

The planning process of successful and less-than-successful projects were compared to the model process, and ultimately, it was discovered that those planning processes that more closely matched the model resulted in more successful performance.

Ultimately, the study responded to the research questions and hypotheses. In particular, evidence supported the two hypotheses, and a tool was developed to help contractors evaluate their preconstruction planning process.

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Awad Hanna


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Publication Date:

February 2009

Format & Size:

Soft cover; x and 109 pages

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