The Emergence of the IBS Contractor

As building environmental systems become increasingly complex and interdependent, there will be a growing demand for an integrated building systems (IBS) contractor. Currently, owners of commercial, industrial, and institutional (CII) facilities are struggling with the need to integrate building systems to achieve needed system functionality, interoperability, and efficiency. Rising energy costs and the drive for “green” buildings is currently fueling the demand for building system integration. The need for an IBS contractor will only increase in the future as more buildings incorporate intelligent materials, distributed generation technologies such as building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), comprehensive life safety and security systems, advanced communication systems, and open-architecture control systems. Since intelligent building materials and systems rely on power, communications, and control (PC2) systems, the electrical contractor is in a unique position to assume the role of IBS contractor.

This research project investigated the future market for an IBS contractor and identified ways that the electrical contractor can fulfill this role.



Thomas E. Glavinich
Yong Bai


University of Kansas

Publication Date:

February 2008

Format & Size:

Soft cover; viii and 67 pages

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