Sequencing Guidelines for Electrical Contractors

This report summarizes the research activities performed by the University of Washington and Penn State University on “Sequencing Guidelines for Electrical Contractors.” The goal of this research is to provide a set of rules and guidelines for productive project sequencing to be used by the field in implementing the results of this work. The report describes the research issues and methods associated with the study, and the results of the research.

A brief introduction explains the purpose and goals of research. The research methods included a survey of contractors, on-site interviews and observations, and case studies. The results of scope development meetings produced well-defined parameters for the intended user and a format for the final product. A literature review of current sequencing practices revealed significant gaps between modern production management practices (Lean Production) and current construction production planning.

Brief case study narratives demonstrate highly effective sequencing practices on uniquely planned projects and general sequencing practices on typical building projects. Results of discussions with specialty contractors, general contractors, and owners are also included. Based on case study results and interviews, a framework for sequencing rules was developed and a set of recommended practices (rules) was assembled. Five key sequencing guidelines are identified for (1) Coordination, (2) Planning, (3) Materials and Methods, (4) Work Assignments, and (5) Feedback; and a collection of specific recommended procedures are provided for each. Finally, a format for a sequencing manual was developed to guide the preparation of a final usable product for practitioners (Appendix A). A seminar presentation of sequencing guidelines and teaching cases is included (Appendix B).



Bevan Mace
David Riley
Victor Sanvido


Pennsylvania State University
University of Washington

Publication Date:

February 2001

Format & Size:

Soft cover; viii and 34 pages

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