Outside of the Gate Materials Management Model for Electrical Contractors

As the construction industry is positioned for strong growth, material shortages, price volatility, delivery delays, and pandemic-induced supply chain disruptions, coupled with a lack of communication and transparency, continue to create challenges for electrical contractors. While some aspects of this situation are unpredictable and uncontrollable, electrical contractors need to be well prepared to effectively manage and control the controllable – that is – the outside of the gate materials management process. Focus is often placed on managing materials on the jobsite. However, the success of this process depends on the effectiveness of the planning of materials that occurs before materials are placed on the jobsite.

Managing materials outside of the gate has a direct impact on project performance and provides electrical contractors the means to be proactive, and effectively plan for materials (from early project phases to delivery) and avoid costly mistakes during project execution. In a period of intense introspection where electrical contractors are pushed to address pressing materials concerns while continuously wrestling with long-standing challenges, this ELECTRI effort is launched in collaboration with Graybar to advance the thinking in the electrical construction industry. This interactive report aims to document outside of the gate materials management practices of electrical contractors who are at the forefront of industrialized construction adoption.

WATCH researcher Hala Nassereddine’s informative video on how to use the self-evaluation excel tool provided below.

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Hala Nassereddine


NCM Consulting LLC.

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April 2023

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