Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Inconsistency breeds inefficiency’ is a fundamental principle that resonates across various industries, including the electrical construction industry, emphasizing the importance of standardized processes. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can help define their business and success. SOPs set up the project for success by establishing consistency, standardization, teamwork, and a shared vision for how projects are executed. With the shortage of workers and the generation changes, SOPs are becoming critical for the success of the project (productivity, cost, schedule, quality, and communication, among others), transferring skills, and the overall continuity of contractors.

In this project, we developed SOPs for five essential activities:

  • Daily Logs: Daily Logs serve as a pivotal component of daily operations on a construction project, providing a comprehensive record of activities, resources, and events.
  • Procurement: Efficient procurement processes are crucial for ensuring a steady supply of materials and services to a construction project.
  • Lookahead Schedules: Lookahead schedules are a forward-planning tool that allows electrical contractors to anticipate and prepare for upcoming tasks and challenges.
  • Change and Additional Tickets: Change is the only constant on construction projects. Changes and additional tickets often arise during project execution, necessitating adjustments to the original plan.
  • Document Management: Effective document management is foundational to organizational efficiency, compliance, and knowledge preservation and transfer.

Additionally, we created an SOP template for construction activities and developed an SOP-Pro tool to assist electrical contractors in creating their own SOPs. Finally, recorded videos are available to explain the research deliverables.


To use this tool please download the report. For an overview of this project and tools that you can download watch the video below:



Hala Nassereddine


NCM Consulting LLC.

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April 2024

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