In 2022, ELECTRI International selected ProtoGen to lead a volunteer Task Force in conceptually developing a career mapping tool that supports increased awareness of electrical construction (EC) industry career opportunities and pathways, intern programs, recruiting efforts, and career placement services.

The Task Force envisions an industry-wide or ecosystem career mapping tool that serves as a resource for the EC industry across traditional career verticals to capture the reality of the workplace. Consider the example of an electrician who wants to progress from the field to an office or management position: the reality is that there are many avenues this worker could pursue, whether as an estimator, project manager, inspector, sales representative for a supply house, or more. 

To address this need, the research identified and explored the following objectives: 

  1. Define the first-pass EC industry requirements 
  2. Assess the ground-up creation of a software-based career mapping tool 
  3. Identify and evaluate available commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) career mapping platforms 
  4. Define product launch marketing requirements and options 

Working with a range of industry stakeholders, the Task Force a) characterized the current state of the industry b) conceptualized, developed, and validated a digital career mapping tool framework for the electrical contracting industry, c) built an implementation plan for the tool including estimated budgets and timelines, and d) summarized project findings in a whitepaper highlighting key project insights and research outcomes. 

The materials and information presented herein are intended to support ELECTRI in preparing its overall budgeting for the development of the tool and to serve as a bid specification to solicit proposals from qualified firms in support of developing a career mapping tool and to provide marketing support for the tool’s launch.



Andrew Mackey
Kevin Wright
Lou Tenney


ProtoGen Inc.

Publication Date:

March 2023

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downloadable pdf

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