Industrialization of Construction a Compilation to Lead the Way-Book Four: Efficiency and Continuous Improvement: Survival of the Unfits

Being fit in today’s electrical construction environment may be a weakness tomorrow. Today’s fittest may not survive the future environment and today’s unfits may be tomorrow’s survivors. It is not the “fittest” that survive; it is the ones that are able to adopt and adapt.

To survive changes coming at the EC industry, contractors must:

  1. Recognize them
  2. Accept them
  3. Adjust for them
  4. Integrate them in a business operation model
  5. Plan for continuous improvement

This fourth and final book in the series Industrialization of Construction® explains how to use the first three books that had focused on the effectiveness of your operations, becoming more efficient, and planning to survive both the current environment and all the upcoming changes in technology, business models and market shifts.

As companies, industries, and the world around us continually transform, Book 4 addresses efficiency and continuous improvement. Book 4 will be your guidepost for finding and using ways to deal with change. Book 4 shows how to predict the winds, characterize their pattern, and deal with their impact.

EC industry survivors will stand strong through their ability to maneuver in any weather.



Heather Moore
Perry Daneshgari


MCA Inc.

Publication Date:

July 2017

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