Industrialization of Construction, A Compilation to Lead the Way, Book Three – Foundation & Future: Dealing with the Challenges of More Work

As Industrialization moves forward, the foundation and future of companies and the EC industry are dependent on building solid infrastructure according to a business model that also stays flexible to meet changes in consumer needs.  Processes are not born in thin air; they have to be designed just like products and services. To design processes, the objective, outcome and feedback of every process has to be identified and mapped.

Every business is in the business of providing goods and services for other businesses and individuals to conduct their business and lives. Starting from that end and backing into the upstream of the process flow, Book Three “Foundation and Future” will lay out the organizational requirements for contractors to identify, plan and execute the delivery mechanism needed to survive both the transition and maintenance of their operations in the industrialized construction industry.

This research addresses the fundamentals that will be needed as the construction environment requires more and more sophisticated business models and practices.  This report focuses on the supporting infrastructure that will be required of companies and associations in order to operate with the new market realities, such as:

  • Elements of infrastructure
  • Document governance and control
  • Quality control next step of application of fabrication



Heather Moore
Perry Daneshgari


MCA Inc.

Publication Date:

February 2016

Format & Size:

.pdf, 30 pages

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