Procurement Chain Management in the Construction Industry

This research was commissioned by The Electrical Contracting Foundation (ELECTRI’21) with the support of and in conjunction with the NAED Research and Education Foundation, Mechanical Contracting Education and Research Foundation, and the New Horizons Foundation, a Sheet Metal Industry Initiative. This research investigates the prevailing, existing, and alternative models of procurement. In order to adequately assess the strengths and weaknesses of each model, a neutral comparison of each model was conducted. After thorough investigation, a common problem was discovered in each procurement model being practiced. None of the existing and alternative models are offering an efficient, streamlined approach to procurement. It is the opinion and finding of this research that a new procurement process needs to be developed to achieve better *Time *Cost and * Quality. This can only be accomplished through direct collaboration of all the stakeholders in the procurement chain to produce a horizontally integrated procurement process. This report will explain the benefits of horizontal integration.



Perry Daneshgari


MCA Inc.

Publication Date:

February 2004

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