Identifying BIM Related Costs Due to Changes

Building information modeling (BIM) and prefabrication tools have greatly improved the efficiency of constructing structures but can only enhance construction if the design is reasonably set before their implementation. In fact, BIM and prefabrication become very expensive to use if owners are changing plans once BIM models are developed or prefab has commenced. The situation can be worse for specialty contractors.

BIM and pre-fab enable greater quality and enhance field installation coordination. Contractors, are adopting these tools rapidly and their use is becoming very commonplace on projects. Yet, owners are often reluctant to compensate contractors for the additional work associated with the increased work that follows ill-timed changes to the plans.

This report

  • investigates the costs associated with late changes and how they impact a contractor’s ability to execute the scope of work
  • provides effective suggestions and recommendations, developed from interviews with several successful specialty contractors
  • presents a process for tracking costs plus separate checklists for the electrical contractor, general contractor and owner
  • highlights the extra BIM and prefabrication costs borne by electrical contractors due to late changes and provides sensible tools for avoiding these costs
  • will help specialty contractors, general contractors and owners create an environment in which BIM and prefabrication will help deliver the projects that owners desire at the lowest possible cost and highest level of quality.



Hisham Said
Justin Reginato


California State University Sacramento
Santa Clara University

Publication Date:

February 2016

Format & Size:

.pdf, 49 pages

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