Electrical Project Management Process Implementation Manual

Electrical construction contractors continue to be faced with the challenge of improving productivity in order to remain successful in an increasingly competitive industry. As a result, many contractors are searching for new ways to increase their productivity and decrease their costs in order to gain or maintain market share. This implementation manual presents a comprehensive review and guidance of the Electrical Project Management Process including:

  • which management activities have been effective at improving project performance
  • who should be involved at each stage of project management
  • how to successfully implement a project management process
  • what are the expected benefits of proper project management
  • how can project planning and project management be aligned to achieved overall better performance



Arianna Diaz-Aguilo
Aurelien Rigart
Cindy Menches
Ziad Bou Nasr


Illinois Institute of Technology
University of Texas at Austin

Publication Date:

February 2010

Format & Size:

Soft cover; xi and 142 pages

Index Number:


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