Customer Side Smart Grid Installations

The implementation of the Smart Grid is gradually changing the nature of the electrical distribution system in the United States. With the Smart Grid, electrical power generation and distribution is becoming a two-way process between customers and generators. Being a bi-way process, there are two sides of the smart grid; the first being the utility side and second being the customer side. As the utility side smart grid is implemented, customers will have the opportunity to tailor their electrical power usage and reduce energy consumption costs through the customer side components of the smart grid. This includes energy management systems, micro-generation, and energy storage systems. This presents many new opportunities for electrical contractors to enhance existing systems in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

This report focuses on how electrical contractors can expand their business opportunities taking advantage of this market by implementing smart grid technologies on the customer side. It serves as a guide for electrical contractors to procure customer side smart grid work and assist in their marketing strategies. Certification would be an important and valuable addition to the smart grid arena. The report includes the outline for a future certification program that could be implemented to certify electrical contractors as smart grid technology installers. Certification would be helpful for contractors to be able to demonstrate a base level of technical competency to both public agencies and private owners and provide assurance to all parties in the supply chain that equipment is being installed safely, and in compliance with all codes.

Watch Webinar of Customer Side Smart Grid Installations

On December 8, 2015, ELECTRI held a webinar about this report with the investigators, Thomas Korman and Lonny Simonian. A recorded copy of the webinar is available here.




Lonny Simonian
Thomas Korman


California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo

Publication Date:

February 2014

Format & Size:

Soft cover, vii and 42 pages

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