1. The local NECA chapter should reach out to the state Department of Labor (DOL) with the following information:
  2.  Ensure that the state DOL is aware that the program is associated with Certification Number: C-2023-15.
  3. The state DOL will connect with the local NECA chapter to create the local Standards of Apprenticeship based on the National Guideline Standards. The local Standards of Apprenticeship will be the written plan outlining all terms and conditions for the recruitment, selection, employment, training, and supervision of apprentices. On average, the state DOL can take 1-6 months to complete the registration process.
  4. Once the DOL approves the registration, they will reach out to the local NECA chapter to activate an account in their state’s registered apprenticeship database. The local NECA chapter will be responsible for adding and maintaining the apprentice and contractor information in the database.
  5. Participating contractors will be responsible for signing and abiding by the Appendix D – Employer Acceptance Agreement.
  6. The DOL will conduct various evaluations with the local NECA chapter over several years to ensure the program is operating within parameters of the registered apprenticeship program standards. For more information about the evaluation process, please reach out to the state DOL.

Please note: Apprentices cannot be accepted into the program until the program is registered with the state.

Questions and Assistance

If you have questions or need assistance in the registration process, contact Anna Jochim, ELECTRI’s Director of Future Workforce Development at 202-449-9657 or Anna.Jochim@electri.org.