The Future of Line Contracting: A Workforce Transformation

In January 2020, ELECTRI International commissioned Maxim Consulting to conduct a research initiative specifically addressing the Future of Line Contracting. The study first evaluated major trends driving the transmission line market. Second, the research consultants collected in-depth contractor-specific information on ways to capitalize upon these trends.

When studying contractors, the focus was on the following areas:

  • Their market forces
  • Technology and Tool changes
  • Processes and Operations
  • People, Labor, and Competencies
  • Industry Changes
  • Regulatory Changes

This study seeks to help guide contractors towards a future strategy by answering three questions:

  • What trends and market forces are driving the future of line construction projects?
  • How do you retain the knowledge accumulated by linemen and workers who are nearing retirement?
  • What process and systems will you introduce to transform the workplace and fill those worker gaps more quickly?

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Michael McLin
Walead Atiyeh


Maxim Consulting

Publication Date:

December 2020

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