Surviving Utility Deregulation

Electric utilities have enjoyed regulated monopolies for many decades. This has changed. All over the country utilities are being required by state lawmakers to make alternative sources of power and services available to customers. At mid-1999, 21 states had passed legislation and three others had issued regulations phasing in competition among energy services providers. Utilities now must seriously evaluate the options open to them and make new investments needed to operate effectively in a competitive market that includes a wide variety of aggressive new players. So must electrical contractors. The focus of this project is on the unregulated new business being stimulated by the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1992. The project compiles examples of competitive strategies of unregulated utility affiliates and isolates specific options electrical contractors may consider in planning strategic responses. Conducted by Lewis Tagliaferre from the C-E-C Group.


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Lewis Tagliaferre


C-E-C Group

Publication Date:

February 1999

Format & Size:

Soft cover; 58 pages

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