Practical Workflows Using 360-degree Cameras: A White Paper on Reality Capture

Reality Capture is the process of capturing accurate and detailed data of physical environments and converting the data into a digital format. In recent years, the technology used for capturing reality has become increasingly sophisticated, with new tools and platforms being developed to meet the demands of various industries.

The reality capture technology used in this project was OpenSpace, a platform that uses 360-degree photogrammetry to compare progress on a timeline determined by the electrical contractor and also compares 3D BIM models to what was installed in the field. This technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically provide date/time stamps and location data for every image on the floor plan. The AI learns and adapts to the job the more it captures, resulting in an average capture turnaround time of less than 30 minutes after a capture is uploaded.

In this whitepaper, we explore the 360-degree camera as a reality capture device and show how it can be used in the electrical construction industry during the demolition, design, construction and maintenance phases to improve accuracy and return on investment (ROI).



Jared Christman


ELECTRI International

Publication Date:

May 2023

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