Developing a Protocol for On-Site Measurements of Situational Awareness

This project, funded by the ELECTRI International’s Early  Career  Award,  developed  a new tool to measure situational awareness among construction. This assessment tool addresses the lack of a holistic outlook towards safety performance and examines how workers process and interact with all relevant safety information in their work environment. This validated tool can provide impetus to the business units within an organization to strategically develop targeted training interventions that yields highest return on investment.

Specifically, the situational awareness assessment tool (SAAT) is designed to be:

  • Actionable: identifies gaps for targeted interventions to improve safety performance
  • Simple: easy to use by a broad audience
  • Efficient: practical feasible and requires minimal resources
  • Reliable: different people arrive at the same measure

Although, the principle objective of this project was to design a tool to measure situational awareness of workers on construction sites, SAAT also assesses the performance of relevant human factors.



Siddharth Bhandari


Western Michigan University

Publication Date:

June 2020

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