May 8, 2020

As we dive into the month of May, the most constant thing we see all around us is change. As a nation, as a community, as a family, we are all finding our way back to safety, health, and restored prosperity.

Against that backdrop, I am truly honored that I have been given the opportunity to serve ELECTRI International as Interim Executive Director. I am confident that my work in the field of innovation and technology is an excellent partner for the strategic goals ELECTRI has set for its research and education agenda. We all agree that the construction industry can no longer afford to work in an atmosphere of information silos. Whether our focus is preconstruction or jobsite technology, ELECTRI’s research findings and recommendations to the industry are more critical than ever. One immediate response to helping contractors navigate the post-COVID environment is our newest report and webinar series that will make its debut on May 12th.

Our interaction with industry members, research teams, and interested students gives us the collective strength to make ELECTRI even stronger. That’s my goal and my promise – to work with each of you to continue to deliver ELECTRI’s mandate of research and education for the EC industry. With your guidance and support, we will succeed – together.  I welcome your advice and involvement.

Kindest regards,

Josh Bone
Interim Executive Director