Welcome to the Prefab 101 training series where we will be discussing the BIM process and how to incorporate into prefab and all of the software that’s involved in getting that information from the model to the prefab. We will also be talking personnel, and who to bring in to the office to do the BIM modeling as well as some training tips on getting a new VDC department up and running.

We will be posting videos monthly so keep an eye out for the latest uploads.




Episode 1: Creating QR Codes

Episode 2: Setting Up a BIM Project

Episode 3: Bluebeam Projects

Episode 4: Page Labels in Bluebeams

Episode 5: Conduit

Episode 6: Lighting Clear Zones

Episode 7: Coordination Model Linking

Episode 8: Exporting to Navisworks


Check out the ELECTRI training videos created for the Electrical Contractors Innovation Challenge (ECIC).  These included classes on estimation and BIM.