July 7, 2020

BuildOps, headquartered in Santa Monica, California, has joined the ELECTRI Council at the $100,000 Founder level.

The company focuses on providing cloud-based, all-in-one solutions for electrical service companies. CEO Alok Chanani describes BuildOps’ process as “mapping out how everything happens and then building a commercial service software platform to drive huge efficiencies in the office and massive gains in revenue from real-time quotes, smart dispatching, custom forms and more – all under one roof.” The firm was founded in 2018 by Alok Chanani and Steve Chew who serves as COO. Within two years, they have grown the business significantly and the BuildOps staff now numbers 40 team members.

In making their commitment to ELECTRI, Chanani explained, “We see ELECTRI and NECA working together and thinking ahead. The issues ELECTRI is addressing include finding ways to help make changes so that EC contractors and service providers are the best in class. Technology is the biggest game-changer facing the EC industry at every level. We want to be part of the dynamic with ELECTRI, working toward and embracing technology with the best talent available.”

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