April 5, 2023

Girls in Charge! On Saturday, March 25th, ELECTRI joined Mark One Electric, Co. and Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri in Kansas City, MO to host Girls in Charge! The event was designed to encourage young girls to explore STEM by learning about the EC industry and leaning into their leadership, communication, creativity, and problem-solving skills through hands-on activities. We hosted 60 Girl Scouts from second to seventh grade.

During this one-day STEM event, the Girl Scouts participated in three hands-on activities:

  • The girls dove into the world of Legos where they learned to lead others through a pre-designed building project. Each girl got a chance to share her ideas, learn from her teammates, and build an awesome project.
  • They learned about the program TinkerCAD where they designed their own bridge with a pen and paper, built the design in the virtual program, then used Legos to build the bridge in real life.
  • Lastly, the girls created flashlights with everyday supplies!

For more information on bringing programs like this to your area, contact Anna Trapane, ELECTRI’s Director of Future Workforce Development at