March 10, 2021

The St. Paul Chapter – NECA has joined the ELECTRI Council at the $100,000 Founder level.  The chapter has 38 members, including many smaller firms, with most projects in the commercial and industrial sectors. ELECTRI recently spoke with Chapter Executive Luke Kuhl to learn more about the members’ decision to invest in ELECTRI.

ELECTRI – Tell us about your chapter and its membership.

Luke KuhlOur contractors here in the Twin Cities are in a very unique position. We have two chapters side by side and some contractors are chapter members here in St. Paul as well as in Minneapolis.  We consider St. Paul to be a very progressive chapter and our Board members are younger than you might find in other chapters. Also, we are a 100% remote office.

ELECTRI – What’s been the impact of not having a physical location?

LukeIt makes us much more accessible to our members. It gives us great flexibility and we are using online opportunities to the maximum. That’s one thing we also like about ELECTRI – access to everything online.

ELECTRI – Why did your Chapter Board vote to join the Council?

LukeWe see ELECTRI making a lot of the right moves and we’re excited to be part of it. In terms of helping our contractors, ELECTRI is getting out information faster, and it’s on target, and it’s useful for every size company. 

We knew ELECTRI had a great history with Minneapolis over a long period of time. We came to the decision it was our turn to step up.

ELECTRI – How will you encourage your contractors to get involved with the Foundation?

Luke – Our people are very open to new technologies, new ways of doing things. ELECTRI’s agenda can help our contractors move into new levels of technology. ELECTRI holds the same progressive views as many of our members. ELECTRI has something for everyone and we look forward to working together for our industry.