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Shaw Electric - Involvement Is Key
As of May 21, 2018

Published on: 
June 27, 2013

Shaw Electric Company (Detroit) has joined the ELECTRI Council as a $100,000 Founder. David W. Kurtz, Shaw's Chairman, is the third generation to run this Southeastern Michigan firm, founded by his grandfather more than 80 years ago. 

David W. Kurtz, Chairman

Kurtz has informed ELECTRI that he and his six partners look forward to being very active in the Foundation's work. In a recent conversation, Kurtz noted, "We operate by consensus and I am pleased that we've made the collective decision to join ELECTRI. We want to serve as an active member of the Council and this is the right time for us to make this move." 

When talking about some of the ELECTRI research areas that are of interest to Kurtz and his partners, he commented, "Michigan is now a Right-to-Work state. It's an interesting time for labor relations and it's an important topic for all of our NECA contractors. Unionism is important. What's going to happen in the coming years? ELECTRI did a good study on this, but I think we need to re-visit the topic."

Shaw Electric employs close to 50 at its headquarters office and 150-250 field staff. The firm specializes in two critical areas - healthcare facilities and water and wastewater treatment plants. For additional information on the firm, visit