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GMT Minus 5
As of May 22, 2018

Published on: 
February 26, 2013

That’s the time zone for Quito, Ecuador – site of ELECTRI’s next Cross-Border Meeting, March 13-15.

A few facts about the city and about Ecuador…

- Quito, Ecuador’s capital, was founded in December 1534 on the ruins of an Incan city.
- Quito was the first city designated by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site (in 1978).
- Ecuador is about the same size as the state of Colorado.
- The country is divided into four sections.  Quito is on the highlands of the Andes in a magnificent valley surrounded by volcanic peaks.
- Quito’s average temperatures in March are a daytime high of 66 and an evening low of 50.
- A famous shopping mecca in Quito is the Avenida Amazonas.
- Yes, US dollars are accepted everywhere.
- GMT Minus 5 is the same as our Central Time Zone.  So, 10:00 AM Chicago is the same in Quito.

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