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Family Business By The Numbers
As of June 18, 2018

Published on: 
April 26, 2013

NECA contractors who attended Professor Greg McCann’s presentations at NECA Now in Phoenix learned several things about family-run enterprises. These companies represent 

  • 90% of all U.S. businesses
  • 50% of the GNP
  • 80% of new jobs created
  • 33% of the Fortune 500 list
  • $4.8 trillion to be transferred to the next 20 years.

An author, educator, and consultant, McCann spoke to a packed house for each of his NECA Now sessions on family business.  He described these companies as the unique economic engines that will lead the U.S. out of recession. McCann attributed the success of family business to values-based decision making, longer term thinking, and greater concern for stakeholders.

In July 2012, the ELECTRI Council had selected Dr. McCann and Dr. Michelle DeMoss, Family Enterprise Center, School of Business Administration, Stetson University to conduct research on Generating Success: An Exploration of the Issues Facing the Electrical Construction Industry through the Lens of Family Business. The two NECA Now presentations by McCann were based on this recent study.






Dr. Greg McCann at the NECA Now  Conference,
April 16, 2013, Phoenix, AZ