Improving RFI Efficiency & Insight Through a Common Data Exchange (CDX)

In 2019, ELECTRI International commissioned and funded a pioneering research
project to identify how a Common Data Exchange (CDX) can help electrical
contractors improve efficiency and reduce risk when sharing Request For Information
(RFI) data with their client’s project management (PM) system — whether that client
be the general contractor (GC) or project owner.

Despite the technical capability for RFI data to be shared between major PM software systems, this research did not identify any real-world adoption use cases. What resulted from the research project is the proof of concept definition of a CDX-Validated exchange. CDX itself is not a software, per se, but rather a framework for communicating integration requirements between project delivery stakeholders.

For electrical contractors to thrive in the age of virtual design and construction (VDC), they must learn to harness the power of data and use it to their advantage.

If you are interested in watching a webinar conducted on the topic, please click here.



Nathan Wood



Publication Date:

November 2019

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