A nine-member Board of Trustees guides ELECTRI International. Its members oversee ELECTRI’s governance, finances, and investments.

Electri Council

The ELECTRI Council has close to 200 companies, NECA Chapters and industry partners who have each made a significant investment of time and money. The Council works side by side with the Foundation to select our annual research agenda.


ELECTRI International is fortunate to have many electrical contractors, industry partners, NECA Chapter executives and academics who volunteer to serve on a variety of ELECTRI committees and Task Forces.

In addition to its Standing Committees – Executive, Investment, and Audit – ELECTRI offers opportunities for industry members to monitor its research agenda, guide the Talent Initiative, or participate in the Development and Enhancement fund-raising committee.

Each year, ELECTRI International invites academics from around the country to submit proposals detailing their best industry-related research initiatives for Foundation funding. ELECTRI submits each abstract to its Program Review Committee, a group of contractors, manufacturers and Chapter executives.

The Wendt Award

The Wendt Award, established in 1998, is the highest honor bestowed annually by ELECTRI International.