December 3, 2019

Most traditional electrical contractors are well-positioned but ill-equipped to scale their low voltage operations beyond a complementary role to traditional electrical work.  The low voltage market has evolved immensely over the past few years. The work is increasingly sophisticated and wide-ranging.  The low voltage market offers important job and business opportunities that are local and long-term, and delivers a wide range of services and installations for an electrified and digital world.

ELECTRI International commissioned MAXIM Consulting to conduct a detailed analysis of the ways contactors can succeed in the low voltage market. Principal investigators, Walead Atiyeh and Michael McLin, have created a comprehensive guide: The Electrical Contractor as the Integrator – Systems Integration Specialists as the Key. 

While this guide is intended to provide a roadmap for a contractor to grow and succeed in the low voltage systems market, it has become clear the largest impediment for growth in the low voltage market is the lack of skilled installation and integration specialists.  Putting a concerted focus on the low voltage market and the people performing the work will allow contractors to approach it with a focused business strategy to pursue the growth within the low voltage market. 

Following their in-depth research, McLin and Atiyeh determined that having the right strategy, organization, and culture to support low voltage systems work is equally as important as having a skillset in a technology.  What is important is that the organization has the culture of a low voltage systems integrator, exhibiting specific characteristics detailed in the guide.