August 28, 2018

Construction’s workforce shortage at every level is well-documented. ELECTRI International – The Foundation for Electrical Construction recently commissioned a study to help define best methods to recruit and retain EC’s managerial workforce.

The research, conducted by Professor Ben Bigelow, University of Oklahoma, surveyed more than 700 individuals across the US and compiled the factors that are from most to least influential among various segments and demographics of the potential workforce. The researcher reports that the majority of people join the EC industry in the same year they are introduced to its potential. Once choosing electrical construction, close to 90% sty with the industry for their entire career.

The research uncovered several key differences in factors that influence women, minorities, and younger age groups as compared to their male counterparts.  The report examines the ways that career opportunities, job security, training, good pay, hands-on work, and career advising (plus others) each appeal to a particular segment of the workforce market.

The study’s most prominent finding is that electrical construction does not have an image problem. It is more fundamental than that. It is an awareness problem that can be corrected by carefully cultivating each potential group of managerial employees.