ELECTRI Research Results in Major Advance for Contractors

May 6, 2019

ELECTRI International focuses its research agenda on finding the best solutions to improve the EC industry. One notable ELECTRI success is its work on change orders. Giving contractors the tools and the education to deal with change orders has a positive impact on every EC contractor whether the affected project is for the private sector or for a government entity.

One ELECTRI Council member who has been instrumental in promoting better ways to address change order issues is Greg Long, Long Electric (NAPA, CA), a longtime NECA member and an electrician since 1979. Greg’s passion on this topic has taken him from presentations to fellow contractors to the US House of Representatives where his detailed 2017 testimony about ELECTRI’s findings and recommendations helped shape the Change Order Transparency for Federal Contractors Act. At a recent NECA gathering in Washington, DC, Representative Don Bacon (R-NE) honored Long and presented him with a framed copy of the new Act. Rep. Bacon noted, “It was such a privilege for me to be able to work with you on this.”