The ELECTRI International/NECA Electrical Contracting Innovation Challenge (ECIC) marks a yearly highlight for NECA Student Chapters. Teams agree that the popular Challenge is stimulating because it makes them focus on problem solving by thinking in new, creative ways.

Formally the competition for NECA Student Chapters was referred to as the Green Energy Challenge, however as our industry changes, so does the competition.

This year’s student challenge focuses on innovation and student’s creativity.

2021 Challenge Overview

Student teams will be working to design a new project provided by ELECTRI. You will receive a set of contract documents from ECIC staff that provide the foundation for you to virtually design and construct the most innovative electrical system to meet the customer’s needs.

All Student Chapter teams will be using the same contract documents and general scenario to complete the project.

If possible, within the local community, the team may contact individuals at your local university and interview them about their needs and preferences if they would ever undertake a similar project for their campus. This interaction can help the student team think of creative ideas and solutions that will best serve the customer’s needs.

The teams must create a detailed plan to engage their local NECA contractors for assistance, and the final proposal should include design considerations specific to their customer’s needs. It is essential for the student teams to work closely with a NECA contracting partner to identify means and methods that take into consideration real-world project parameters including cost, work force and other considerations.

Electrical Contractor’s Innovation Challenge Winners

First Place: Wayne State University
Download Proposal

Second Place: Iowa State University
Download Proposal

Third Place: University of Toronto


Wayne State University ECIC Team Photo

Best Presenter (three-way tie):

Zach Ellis (Wayne State University), Ty Turner (Iowa State University), and Gretchen Mathiason  (Iowa State University)

Most Innovative Electrical System  – University of Toronto

Best Project Estimate  – Pennsylvania State University

Best Social Media – Wayne State University

Video Competition:

First Place: Kennesaw State University

Second Place: Pennsylvania State University

Third Place: Illinois Institute of Technology

2021 Electrical Contractor’s Innovation Challenge Rules and Regulations

Download ECIC Rules


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