Can Sub-Contractors Reduce Project Risk

Managing the Supply Chain is critical to every construction project. ELECTRI International – The Foundation for Electrical Construction, Inc. commissioned research to study the impact of owner-supplied or GC-supplied material and equipment. The investigation for the electrical construction industry, conducted by MCA, Inc., focused on evaluating the value transfer throughout the construction supply chain to the end customers.

Program Review Committee Sets 2019 Research Agenda

ELECTRI International’s Program Review Committee (PRC) has set its research recommendations for 2019.  During its meeting in St. Louis on...

Academic Liaison Honored by ELECTRI Council

ELECTRI International has honored its long-time Academic Liaison, Jerald L. Rounds, Ph.D., P.E. for his outstanding efforts with university faculty...

Opioid Crisis Impacts Contractors

ELECTRI International is taking a close look at the opioid crisis facing the construction industry. A 2017 study revealed that...


ELECTRI International Executive Director Joey Shorter, Ph.D., presented this session during the recent National Training Institute at the University of...

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Policy The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance in identifying and handling potential...

Post-Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction Training for Electrical Workers

With cooperative funding from both Electri International and the U.S.

Power Quality Reference Guide

This reference guide contains a detailed discussion of the technical issues involved in providing good power quality. Targeted specifically to the electrical contractor, its purpose is to help increase understanding of the technical issues involved in PQ problems and to offer recommended solutions for their mitigation.

Tool and Material Control Systems

Keeping track of tools and materials is a major problem for electrical contractors. The results of haphazard control systems are:

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