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Taking Care of Line Contractors
As of June 18, 2018

Published on: 
February 13, 2013

The Northeastern Line Constructors Chapter – NECA is convinced that working with ELECTRI International helps improve line constructors’ operations and their access to new talent. George Troutman (MJ Electric, Shoemakersville, PA) serves as Chapter representative to the ELECTRI Council.

During the Arizona Council meeting, Troutman explained the Chapter’s recent gift upgrade to the Envoy level ($300,000+). “We added in another $100,000 to support the Foundation’s Talent Initiative. We see the challenge grant from Southern Contracting and O’Connell Electric as something very beneficial for line contractors. We have to attract more young talent to the line side.”  

On a lighter note, Troutman expanded on the reason that the Chapter so quickly agreed to the upgraded gift. “Walter Parkes from O'Connel Electric had stepped up. He put his money right on the line, so to speak. We knew that by giving $100,000 we would be helping ELECTRI free up some more of Walt’s money. That was an easy decision for our Chapter Board.