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Success - Again - At ELECTRI Council Meeting
As of May 21, 2018

Published on: 
January 29, 2013
Press Release

ELECTRI International held a successful Council meeting January 16-18, 2012 in Chandler, Arizona. 

ELECTRI Council Chair, Dan Divane (Divane Brothers Electric Company, Chicago) welcomed the Council, guests, and academic researchers and reminded Council members of the importance of selecting programs and projects that are valuable to the EC industry’s growth and prosperity. He thanked outgoing Chair, Darrell Gossett (ERMCO, Indianapolis) for his service to the Foundation and the industry. 

This Council gathering resulted in the selection of four major research projects for 2013 and significant discussions on other industry issues.

The ELECTRI research agenda selected for 2013 funding includes:

  • Change Order Protocol for Electrical and Low Voltage Contractors, Matt Syal, Michigan State University
  • Next Steps to Portability as a Means to Improve the Industry and Benefit IBEW Membership, Justin Reginato, California State University, Sacramento
  • Best Practices for CE/CW Implementation, Todd Sirotiak, Iowa State University
  • Customer Side Smart Grid Installations – Preparing for the Future, Thomas Korman, CalPoly, San Luis Obispo

Council members also received project updates on two current research initiatives: Change Order Overhead % Guidelines and EC2020 – Strategies for EC Business Development.  

Analyzing new potential projects and getting real-world, real-time insights into our current projects make this meeting especially valuable for every participant,” explained Russ Alessi, ELECTRI International President. “ELECTRI International is so successful because we make sure that every meeting and event offer a learning experience for industry members. Put that together with the networking that takes place and the results are really beneficial.” 

One meeting event that received widespread attention and interest was a presentation by Perry Daneshgari and Heather Moore of MCA, Inc. on The Industrialization of the Construction Industry.  Council members and researchers broke into four round-robin groups to dive into topics such as Labor Structuring and Management, Managing Field Operations, Managing the Supply Chain, and Modeling and Simulation. The summary of each topic as well as all research presentations at can be found on the ELECTRI web site at

In an informal session with interested Council members, Professors Jerry Rounds (University of New Mexico) and Matt Syal (Michigan State) reviewed ELECTRI’s new research project selection process. ELECTRI consultant Carolyn Fazio provided an outline of ELECTRI’s new study to explore interest within the electrical construction industry on working together – up and down the supply chain – to find new ways to eliminate waste and improve productivity and profitability.  

Council members offered recommendations on ways to determine and evaluate industry interest in creating such a group. Graybar has provided a grant to ELECTRI to conduct this preliminary project, scheduled for completion by the July Council meeting. The results of this study and any further best practices developed will be available to the entire industry. 

ELECTRI Council members and their guests, along with the academic researchers participating in the meeting, enjoyed significant networking time at two receptions hosted by the Foundation.