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A Quarter Century Focused on Excellence
As of May 21, 2018

Published on: 
October 21, 2013

ELECTRI Council Chair Dan Divane (Divane Bros. Electric Company, Chicago) addressed the General Session at the recent NECA Convention in Washington, DC. Here are his remarks.

Can you believe that ELECTRI International has been working on our behalf for more than a quarter century? That should make all of us feel just a little bit older and wiser.

ELECTRI Council Chairman, Dan Divane at the 2013 NECA Convention (by courtesy of NECA)

Dan Divane, ELECTRI Council Chair

So, there are two questions I’d like to talk about with you. First, “Has ELECTRI International continued to do well this year?” Absolutely. Second, “How do we make it happen?

As electrical contractors, we understand that construction is the barometer measuring the condition and health of our nation’s economy. Parts of our industry are strong; parts are only now regrouping after a hard recession; and some have yet to regain their strength. I am pleased to report that ELECTRI International is very strong. We are powerful and we are connected.

Every year, ELECTRI has one clear objective. We prepare the electrical contracting industry for the business and workforce challenges we face every day.

Now, we know that every industry has many different agendas at work. So how did we get electrical construction to come together? We did it by working hard at working together. We connected.

Thanks to the generosity of contractors, manufacturers, distributors, utilities, and NECA Chapters throughout North America, ELECTRI has a network of individuals who are helping our industry succeed through research, education, and international outreach. Our energy comes from your volunteer time and your financial commitments.

Since last year’s report at the Las Vegas Convention, ELECTRI International has received 24 new or upgraded commitments. I’d like to thank these outstanding contractors, NECA Chapters, and industry allies that have each made an investment in the future of electrical construction. I hope you’ll agree, that’s a very powerful connection for all of us.

I especially want to recognize the members of the Kitchen Cabinet – our fantastic fund-raising committee. All of them use their connections to bring ELECTRI to the attention of other companies and leaders who should be involved with ELECTRI.

ELECTRI International is much more than the money. As we continue to grow, the Foundation concentrates on research, education, and cross-border initiatives that promote the highest standards of expertise and professionalism within our industry.

We keep up with advances in technology and in business management. We are very aware that we have to work constantly to ensure that the vision for the Foundation and the strategic direction in which it moves forward are in tune with the real needs of our industry.

Everyone agrees that having the right business tools and offering our employees quality education are essential ingredients of what makes our companies successful. In January, the ELECTRI Council analyzed and selected the best research agenda for 2013 to meet our needs as business owners. 

ELECTRI is interested in our business success. We stay connected to each research team by setting up project task forces that guide every project and monitor its progress. We know that you need the information and the education today and we work hard to complete projects accurately, thoroughly, and in a timely manner. 

A few days ago, many of you attended our NECA Student Chapter competition, the Green Energy Challenge. This competition is part of ELECTRI’s Talent Initiative. It’s our way of making the best and brightest young professionals learn how vibrant and rewarding their careers can be in electrical construction. 

I hope you realize that the future leader of your company may have been up there making their team presentation. Again, let me recognize the winner of the 2013 competition – the University of Washington. The ELECTRI Council also selected the winner of the Green Energy Challenge Poster Competition - Youngstown State University. 

With your investment and involvement, ELECTRI International has come a long way in 25 years. We have a lot of irons in the fire and we are a healthy organization with an excellent staff that is focused on excellence. 

Since accepting the position as ELECTRI Council Chair, I’ve grown to appreciate and understand the Foundation even more. Everything we accomplish is because of you. Yes, ELECTRI International has powerful connections and I hope you’re one of them.