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Power Industry to Benefit From Michels Corporation Gift
As of June 21, 2018

Published on: 
February 13, 2014

Michels Corporation sees a major need for advanced training for both current linemen and new workers entering the power industry.

Gerald W. Schulz, Michels CorporationELECTRI received word from Gerald W. Schulz, VP, of Michels’ decision to join the ELECTRI Council at the $150,000 Governor level. Schulz explained, “As the national demand for electricity continues to outweigh supply and the energy industry continues to develop at a rapid pace, we see a real need in the T & D arena to provide safe, quality, full-service electric utility construction. As technology advances, we have to make sure we have the best trained workers in place. ELECTRI’s programs and services provide the education and the technology that is necessary for the power industry.”

Michels, headquartered in Brownsville, Wisconsin, has grown from a small gas pipeline construction company into one of the largest utility contractors in North America with 18 operating divisions and revenues of more than $1 billion annually. Additional information about the firm can be found at