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Packed House - Full Agenda
As of May 22, 2018

Published on: 
July 26, 2013

Close to 150 electrical construction industry leaders met at Chicago’s Fairmont Millennium Park Hotel for the July 22-23 ELECTRI Council Meeting.

The summer Council meeting has two purposes: Select the recipients of the Early Career Awards (see 2013 ECA Recipients) and work as Task Force members to launch the major research projects selected in January 2013.

ELECTRI Council Chair, Dan Divane (Divane Bros. Electric Company, Chicago) welcomed participants and announced that Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc. (Chicago) had just joined the Council as a $100,000 Founder member. Divane’s remarks recognized all of the 2013 new contributors and those who have upgraded their ELECTRI commitment. Next, the Council heard a brief industry update from ELECTRI Board Chair, Dennis Quebe, (Chapel Electric Company, Dayton, OH) and a report on ELECTRI’s investment portfolio. The reset of the day was dedicated to the researcher project presentations and a series of breakout sessions for Task Forced work. 

The Monday evening reception gave participants the opportunity to network with friends and talk with the young researchers to learn more about how they intended to approach their suggested projects.

Tuesday morning was dedicated to receiving feedback from the research project Task Forces and getting investigator summaries for several recently completed (or close to completed) research projects including: 

The ELECTRI Council will meet again during the NECA Convention in Washington, DC, on Sunday, October 13th at 1:00 PM.