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Look-Ahead Scheduling Looks Good For Electrical Contractors
As of June 21, 2018

Published on: 
December 3, 2013

Construction productivity lags other industries. This often puts electrical contractors at a high risk of subpar productivity performance and schedule delays. Frequently, performance issues are planning issues.

ELECTRI International – The Foundation for Electrical Construction, Inc. commissioned the University of Houston to design a planning best practice, specifically tailored to electrical contracting. Key investigators, Lingguang Song Ph.D. and E.J. Ritchie MS, designed the Look -Ahead Scheduling model by combining an examination of current literature on planning productivity with surveys/interviews with leading electrical contractors.

The results show look-ahead scheduling to be widely practiced and the research offers a model four-step planning process designed to be especially effective for electrical contractors. The best practice model was tested in a case study, with feedback and lessons learned presented as part of the report.

Look-Ahead Scheduling for Electrical ContractorsLook-Ahead Scheduling for Electrical Contractors is part of the ELECTRI International research agenda that focuses on Productivity Enhancement. The final report describes the research and rationale for the best practice, as well as offering a detailed description of the method, including an Implementation guide.

The report is available at

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